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High pressure tubing manufacturer explains the principle of high pressure tubing

The high pressure in the high pressure common rail chamber can be directly applied to the gusher and can also reduce the supercharger mechanism in the fuel injection pump. In addition, the high pressure in the high pressure common rail chamber is continuous high pressure, and the driving torque of the oil pump is much smaller than that of the traditional gasoline pump.




What are the characteristics of high pressure wire winding hose?

It is mainly composed of liquid resistant synthetic rubber inner rubber layer, middle rubber layer, 1, 2, 3 layers of wire braided layer and weather resistant synthetic rubber outer rubber layer. The inner rubber layer can make the transmission medium withstand pressure and protect the wire from erosion. An outer rubber layer protects the wire from damage. The steel wire layer is the skeleton material that acts as a reinforcement.




What is the role of coal mine hydraulic support hose

Hydraulic support hose for coal mine is one of the most important equipment in coal mine comprehensive mining equipment. It is used to support the roof of coal mine underground working face to protect the safety of equipment and personnel. What is the structure of the hydraulic support? What is the function of each coal mine hydraulic support hose? The following editor will take you through.




Coal mine hydraulic support hose in the maintenance of management precautions

When the hydraulic support hose in coal mine is disassembled and replaced in the working face, attention should be paid to the roof caving, and the protection of the person and equipment should be done well. When replacing columns, front beam jacks, various control valves and other components, the top beam should be supported by temporary pillars before being carried out.




What is the use of high pressure hose

High pressure hose key by liquid resistance of styrene butadiene rubber inner layer, rubber layer, 1, 2, 3 layers of stainless steel wire hand-woven layer, weather resistant styrene butadiene rubber outer layer, the inner layer has the transport material bearing capacity, the maintenance of stainless steel wire will not be corroded, the maintenance of stainless steel wire will not be damaged, stainless steel wire layer is the frame of raw materials to improve the effect. The high pressure hose is made of special styrene butadiene rubber, which has excellent acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance and aging resistance.




What is the high pressure hose production process

High pressure hose manufacturing equipment, raw materials, complex production process. But in recent years, plastic or thermoplastic elastomer as the main raw material of high pressure hose production process can be properly simplified, but the raw material price is higher, still mainly rubber raw material, high pressure hose production process is mainly what?




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