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What are the characteristics of high pressure wire winding hose?

It is mainly composed of liquid resistant synthetic rubber inner rubber layer, middle rubber layer, 1, 2, 3 layers of wire braided layer and weather resistant synthetic rubber outer rubber layer. The inner rubber layer can make the transmission medium withstand pressure and protect the wire from erosion. An outer rubber layer protects the wire from damage. The steel wire layer is the skeleton material that acts as a reinforcement.




Jufeng New Energy: open up a new path of kinetic energy conversion in coal chemical industry

"In this project, we purify coke oven gas to produce hydrogen peroxide and produce propylene oxide, which is the first example in the domestic coking industry. It is the organic combination of coal chemical industry, salt chemical industry and petrochemical industry. It is a specific practice of high-end chemical industry and a typical example of the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry." On June 4th, in Juye Jufeng New Energy Co., LTD., the general manager Li Minchang said that the direct oxidation process of propylene oxide used in the project of producing hydrogen peroxide and propylene oxide by comprehensive utilization of coke oven gas of 1 million m3/d replaced the traditional process of chloroalcohol process of propylene oxide, which reduced the pollution emission brought by the production of the enterprise. The production process and technology is the first in China.




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We are a high-tech company engaged in research, development, production and sales. We have obtained API ISO9001:2008, API Spec Q1, ISO/TS29001 and API Spec 7K certifications. The safety mark certificate of mining products issued by the National Safety Mark Center of Mining Products.

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