Low temperature flexure and interlaminar bonding strength

7.6 Low temperature flexure performance

When tested at -40℃ in accordance with Method B of GB/T5564-2006, the lining or cladding shall not crack. After the ambient temperature has been restored, the sample shall be free from leakage or cracking when the verification pressure test is carried out according to ISO1402 or ISO6605.

7.7 Bonding strength between layers

When tested in accordance with GB/T14905-2009, the bonding strength between the liner and the reinforced layer and between the cladding and the reinforced layer shall be not less than 2.5KN/m for types 4SP and 4SH and not less than 1.5KN/m for types R12, R13 and R15.

According to 5.1 and 5.3 of GB/T14905-2009, the samples used for lining and reinforcing layers shall be type 5, and the outer and reinforcing layers shall be type 2 or type 6.


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