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High pressure tubing manufacturers share the use requirements and improper situations of high pressure tubing

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Everyone knows that high-pressure tubing is expendable, but the rate of depletion of high-pressure tubing is different when you're using it incorrectly.

Everyone knows that high-pressure tubing is expendable, but the rate of depletion of high-pressure tubing is different when you're using it incorrectly.



The high pressure tubing manufacturers summarized the following situations:

1. Be affected by frequent, intense stress. High pressure hose rupture is usually not caused by too much static pressure, but the intensity and frequency of pressure impact. In the operation of construction machinery, the oil pressure in the oil pipe will rise or fall repeatedly, resulting in frequent pressure impact on the oil pipe, resulting in a variety of oil seal damage, rubber pipe bubbling and rupture and pipe joint loosening and leakage. Therefore, in the process of operation, the valve stem tightening cannot be too violent, must be maintained smoothly. High pressure tubing manufacturer

2. The operating temperature of the oil is too high. In the operation of construction machinery, the hydraulic system heats the oil due to the loss of power, and affects the external temperature (especially in summer), resulting in a sharp rise in the oil temperature. The higher the temperature of the oil is, the easier the rubber is to age, the worse the elasticity, the lower the strength and sealing performance, and the rubber hose will soon break. Therefore, in the operation, when the temperature of the hydraulic system is too high and too fast, the cause should be identified and eliminated in time. Summer operation, especially continuous operation, should take necessary cooling measures.

3. Improper selection and installation of hose. When replacing the high-pressure hose, the length of the hose, the number of wire layers, the shape and size of the joint should be used reasonably, and the bending degree of the hose should be reduced as far as possible; When tightening the joint nut, do not bend the hose. Bending and twisting will greatly reduce the service life of the hose. Protective measures should be taken to prevent damage to parts prone to friction. High pressure tubing manufacturer

Each product has its own use requirements, high pressure tubing is no exception. Today, I will analyze the seven main requirements of high-pressure tubing:

1. The internal working pressure of high-pressure tubing (including pulse pressure) shall not exceed the large working pressure specified in the design of hose.

2. It shall not be used under conditions beyond the requirements of the high-pressure oil pipe working environment.

3. High pressure tubing is only applicable to the requirements of the design of the conveying medium. High pressure tubing manufacturer

4. The installation shall not be less than the bending radius designed for high-pressure tubing.

5. Do not use high-pressure tubing in twisted state.

6. The pressure of high-pressure tubing must meet the requirements, and the size and accuracy of the joint must meet the standard requirements.

7. High pressure oil pipe is vulnerable parts, should be checked and replaced regularly. High pressure tubing manufacturer

The above points are high pressure oil pipe manufacturers to share the use of high pressure oil pipe requirements and improper situation, I hope to give you good friends to do a substantive reference, you can also collect it, for the future is also good to do a preview; If you have any questions, you can also directly consult us, welcome to inquire.

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